The Fence Bible

The Fence Bible - Gardening Book

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The Fence Bible
How to plan, install, and build fences and gates to meet every home style and property need, no matter what size your yard.

by Jeff Beneke

ISBN 1580175309
262 pages; Full color photos, Diagrams, Line drawings; Paperback.

A fence is more than just a barrier. Used in imaginative ways, it can become an architectural feature that blends well with the style of your house, a landscape element that enhances the appearance of your property, or an accent piece that helps define a part of your yard or garden.

In The Fence Bible hands-on home improvement expert Jeff Beneke provides an in-depth, comprehensive how-to encyclopedia that enables homeowners to choose and build the fences and gates that are best for their landscape--both for appearance and function.

Beneke suggests the appropriate types of fence to keep the swimming pool secure, con fine the livestock, keep deer away from the garden, or create outdoor living spaces. He then discusses the essentials of proper fence design and provides step-by-step illustrated instructions for planning, building, maintaining, and repairing any style of fence.

Beneke covers every kind of fencing: wood, masonry, and metal, as well as shrubs, hedges, and trees.

Whether you have a tiny urban backyard, a sprawling suburban plot, or a small spread in the country, this book is sure to help you find the perfect fence.

About the Author
The author of more than a dozen home-improvement books, including Complete Deck Book and Build a Kid's Play Yard, Jeff Beneke is an avid woodworker, house renovator, and gardener. He has edited and contributed to dozens of books on residential design, construction, and repair. He lives near Ithaca, New York.

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