The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Roses

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Roses - Gardening Book

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The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Roses

Edited by Mary Moody

304 pp, 1000+ color photos, 20 line drawings, 9 1/4 x 12 1/4", hardcover.


Roses require love and attention if they are to thrive. Although some varieties are more hardy and easier to cultivate than others, in general rose plants will not produce food results without some care and consideration.

Roses require an open, sunny position. Some varieties can tolerate semi-shaded conditions if the soil is good; however, all varieties prefer plenty of light and a sunny, open aspect. Roses grown in semi-shade have to compete with the roots of larger species for both moisture and nutrients. Roses in an open area, free from the shade of overhanging trees, will stand a much better chance of remaining healthy and producing beautiful blooms.

Most roses dislike strong wind and draughts, so precautions should be taken to provide shelter from fierce prevailing winds. A windbreak located at a suitable distance and not casting shade or shadows is ideal. Avoid growing roses down the side of a house where there is a wind tunnel effect between the house and fence.

In warm to hot climates some of the more sensitive rose varieties wilt and wither in the heat of the summer sun. In these climates select roses that are more robust and resilient to these climatic conditions.

Great success can be achieved by growing roses against a wall, especially the larger climbing or rambling varieties. If the wall or fence is in semi-shade, always plant taller-growing varieties that can grow upwards towards the sun. Remember that some ramblers and climbers grow very large indeed, so beware of locating them where they will block the light of windows or overwhelm adjoining species.

Certain varieties are tender and resent cold winters and frost. When growing these, provide a warm, sheltered position, or grow under glass for complete protection.

Photo above: Perfect blooms, such as these of floribunda Escapade, are the results of good growing conditions and routine maintenance.

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