The Edible Container Garden

The Edible Container Garden - Gardening Book

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The Edible Container Garden
Growing Fresh Food in Small Spaces

by Michael Guerra

ISBN 0-684-85461-9
160 pages, 7 1/2 x 9 3/4, full-color photographs, softcover.

No space is too small to grow delicious and healthy food.

Enjoying tasty and fresh produce no longer requires a trip to the local farm stand or gourmet grocery. With The Edible Container Garden as your guide, everything from salad greens and savory herbs to luscious fruits and vegetables can be as close as your patio, balcony, or rooftop.

The Edible Container Garden explains how to plant, grow, and harvest vegetables, edible flowers, fruits, and herbs, even when time and space are limited. Discussing the wide variety of planting options, from simple window boxes and raised garden beds to trellises and other vertical structures, The Edible Container Garden shows you how to:

  • Decide what kinds of plants you want to grow and which soil to use to keep them healthy and vibrant
  • Select the right containers and tools to design a beautiful and fertile garden
  • Discover which seasons are best for certain plants so you can design a practical and productive growing space
  • Feed, tie, prune, and clip your plants to fit almost anywhere, whether they're in containers, over arches, or even along footpaths

Illustrated with beautiful color photographs and packed with helpful and creative tips, The Edible Container Garden provides all the information you'll need to transform your outdoor space into a bountiful paradise.

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