Deer Proofing Your Garden

Deer Proofing Your Garden - Gardening Book

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Deer Proofing Your Yard & Garden

by Rhonda Massingham Hart

ISBN 1580175856
225 pages; 6" x 9"; B&W line drawings; charts; tables; Paperback.

Since it was first published in 1997, homeowners, serious gardeners, and professional nursery owners have responded enthusiastically to Deer Proofing Your Yard & Garden: 66,000 copies are in print. In the last seven years, as the deer problem in towns and suburbs has gotten worse, new solutions have presented themselves. To cope with the situation and keep up with the latest in deer control, Rhonda Hart has revised her original book, adding more than 60 pages of new material on how anyone can protect their yard and garden from deer.

As in her first edition, Hart takes a straightforward, just-the-facts approach. She tells homeowners exactly what they want to know: which commercial repellents are effective, how to make homemade deterrents, and how to create a landscape designed to repel deer.

Since the first edition was published, virtually invisible polyethylene deer netting is now widely available and almost 100 percent effective in keeping deer out of the yard. Hart has updated her chapter on fencing to include this and other new products.

Hart has also refined her plant lists to spotlight those that deer rarely touch and also to identify those plants that are less likely to be tasty targets, depending on the time of year and where you live.

The chapter on deer repellents has also been revised to rank commercial and homemade products in terms of their effectiveness and how often a new application is necessary.

This new edition provides anyone who gardens with a wide variety of deer-proofing alternatives so that at the edge of your garden, you really can say, "the buck stops here."

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