Daylilies for the Garden

Daylilies for the Garden - Gardening Book

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Daylilies for the Garden

by Graeme Grosvenor

ISBN 0-88192-427-X
176 pages, 8 1/2 x 11 1/4
full-color photographs, b&w illustrations;Hardcover

References to the daylily go back over 2000 years. One of the most spectacular perennials, this tough, beautiful flower has gotten a lot of attention in Europe and the U.S., and has been the focus of a lot of work in hybridization. We now have, as well as the original yellows and oranges, a range of beautiful pastel creams, pinks, apricots, reds, rich purples, subtle mauves and lavenders, and various shades of burgundy, violet, russet, brown, and gold. There are even evergreen and dormant varieties of daylilies available, with varieties suitable for every climatic condition.

With his usual thoroughness, Graeme Grosvenor presents background information on daylily species, planting and cultivation tips, descriptions and careful explanation of classification, and an extensive section listing major cultivars of both large- and small-flowered daylilies. To inspire his readers, he presents plenty of suggestions for gardening and landscaping. And though daylilies are known for their ease of care, he includes instructions for controlling the pests and diseases that occasionally affect them. There’s even a chapter on eating daylilies—complete with recipes for fried daylilies, daylily casserole, and daylily soup! The color photos are a visual feast, and Graeme generously passes on some of his own photographic tips.

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