Controlling Crafty Critters

Controlling Crafty Critters - Gardening Book

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Controlling Crafty Critters:
Pro Secrets for Stopping Sneaky Squirrels and Other Crafty Critters in Their Tracks

by Dan Hershey

ISBN 0896585883
176 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.49 x 10.16 x 7.06; paperback.

Who hasn't been frustrated trying to outwit a daring deer, a roaming raccoon, a pesky pigeon or a sneaky squirrel? The best offense is a good defense, so arm yourself with Controlling Crafty Critters! Author Dan "The Critter Man" Hershey, who has 20 years of experience as a licensed Nuisance Wildlife Control Officer, shares his professional secrets that are guaranteed to help you control critters--from bees to beavers; from squirrels to snakes--no matter where you live.

Hershey presents the most current, effective, and humane methods for controlling more than 20 nuisance animals. His time-tested techniques include using common nontoxic household items, setting traps, and when necessary, resorting to more drastic solutions. Controlling Crafty Critters is packed with pro tips such as:

-Why hanging a mousetrap will catch twice as many mice

-Which popular bar soap will repel deer

-Which sliced fruit is the best bait for woodchucks

-Which fruit drink will repel geese and ducks Reclaim your yard and home!

Eliminate headache and frustration by putting Hershey?s advice to use today . . . for a critter-free home tomorrow.

About the Author
Dan Hershey has 20 years of experience as a licensed Nuisance Wildlife Control Officer.

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