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The Complete Houseplant Survival Manual
Essential Gardening Know-How for Keeping (Not Killing) More Than 160 Indoor Plants

by Barbara Pleasant

ISBN 1580175694
364 pages, full-color photographs.

Discover Gardening in the Great Indoors!

Welcome to a whole new world of houseplants -- and a whole new generation of plant lovers ready to embrace the joy of indoor gardening! For the nearly 50 percent of U.S. households who spend six billion dollars every year on indoor plants to decorate, purify the air, and generally boost the spirits, The Complete Houseplant Survival Manual provides practical, hands-on advice for how to care for 160 beautiful houseplants, including many new selections that have entered the retail market in the last ten years.

For new indoor gardeners, Pleasant offers basic information on how to identify their plants, as well as where to place them and how to keep them healthy. In-depth plant profiles provide troubleshooting guidelines to quickly identify symptoms, causes, and remedies to common problems for each species. Information about how to repot, propagate, and display each plant, as well as advice on the very best varieties, makes this an indispensable reference for every houseplant lover.

A more general "Guide to Houseplant Care" addresses every aspect of plant care in an A-to-Z format, from choosing the proper containers and soil mixtures, to coping with pests and diseases, as well as watering, pruning, and staking. With The Complete Houseplant Survival Manual, no green thumb is required to be successful at keeping, not killing, indoor plants.

About the Author
Award-winning author Barbara Pleasant has written abouttackling some of gardeners' worst nightmares: bugs, plantdiseases, and weeds. Her books include The Gardener's BugBook, The Gardener's Guide to Plant Diseases, The Gardener'sWeed Book, and Garden Stone, 2003 winner of the Garden Writers Association's Garden Globe Award.A contributing editor to Mother Earth News and regionalcorrespondent for Gardening How-To magazine, Barbara lives in the mountains of western North Carolina.

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