AHS Complete Guide to Water Gardening

AHS Complete Guide to Water Gardening - Gardening Book

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The American Horticultural Society
Complete Guide to Water Gardening

by Peter Robinson

ISBN 0789414783
216 pages, 9 x 11; full-color photographs, full-color illustrations

Design, Construction, Maintenance and Planting

Peter Robinson’s definitive illustrated guide covers every aspect of water garden building technique from cobblestone fountains to streams and waterfalls. Expert advice and ideas are available on every page, highlighting the latest trends in planting, products, and design. Included is a full catalog of more than 150 moisture-loving plants.

  • What kind of water feature will complement your chosen garden style?
    Ten different and contrasting designs - complete with a designer's blueprint and detailed planting plan - show you how to include creatively planted water features in even the smallest of gardens.

  • Where do you start?
    The AHS Complete Guide to Water Gardening presents, through detailed step-by-step photographs, exactly how to construct and install each style of water feature.

  • How do you decide what to plant?
    The plant "Photo album" illustrates more than 150 aquatic and moisture-loving plants - from essential oxygenators to enchanting water lilies.

  • How soon may a new pond be stocked with fish?
    The AHS Complete Guide to Water Gardening gives you the advice you need to make sure fish and other wildlife flourish.

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