The Compleat Squash

The Compleat Squash - Gardening Book

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The Compleat Squash
A Passionate Grower's Guide

by Ann Goldman

ISBN 1579652514
216 pages, hardcover

Part gardening book, part "encounters with remarkable vegetables," Amy Goldman's The Compleat Squash unearths the personalities--yes, personalities--of the pumpkin and the squash. They are members in good standing in the horticultural hall of fame, and Goldman lovingly ponders their case histories and culinary merits both with common and uncommon varieties. She gets glorious help from award-winning photographer Victor Schrager, who brings out their eclectic beauty in more than 150 luminous color portraits. Growing, harvesting, and seed-saving instructions are included for the gardener, and for the cook a selection of recipes that show off the unique, lovely flavors of these versatile vegetables.

About the Author
Amy Goldman works to preserve the agricultural heritage and genetic diversity of the world's fruits and vegetables. Known to viewers of Martha Stewart Television and PBS, she has written for Garden Design and has been profiled in such publications as The New York Times and House & Garden. She is the author of Melons for the Passionate Grower. She lives in New York City and Rhinebeck, New York.


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