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Song Bird Shade Grown Coffee
Organically Grown

Song Bird Shade Grown Coffee is for bird lovers who love coffee. It is grown in the shade of rainforests, and tastes better because the coffee berries mature slowly. It is coffee that shares a habitat with songbirds. In fact, shade grown coffee is second only to undisturbed rainforest as the best habitat for migrating birds. Buying shade grown coffee helps save trees for millions of birds that would otherwise have no place to live.

Purchasing Song Bird Shade Grown Coffee helps fund American Birding Association programs, including Partners In Flight, an outstanding neotropical bird conservation project.

By the way, there's no need to sacrifice your pleasure to help the planet. Coffee grown in its natural environment in nutrient-rich soil has time to develop all its sugars as it matures fully. This natural process translates to the best taste for you.

Proceeds from the sale of Java Forest coffee help fund Defenders of Wildlife and its continuing efforts to save wildlife and wild places. Java Forest coffee is grown organically in tropical shade by farmers who are assured a certified fair-trade price.

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