Catfish Ponds & Lily Pads

Catfish Ponds & Lily Pads - Gardening Book

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Catfish Ponds & Lily Pads
Creating and Enjoying a Family Pond.

by Louise Riotte

ISBN 0-88266-949-4
186 pages; 6" x 9"; Recipes; line drawings; charts; maps; Paperback.

One of America's most beloved garden writers reflects on life with a pond. Whether it's fishing by moonlight, planting iris and weeping willows, catching crawfish, or supervising an unruly crowd of ducks, Louise Riotte knows how to get the most fun out of a family pond. She shares her experiences in this entertaining book, presented with her trademark mix of facts, anecdotes, lore, and lively humor.

Catfish Ponds & Lily Pads inludes:

  • How the Riotte family built a pond
  • Tips on fish farming with catfish, bass, or trout
  • Creating a backyard pool for frogs and water lilies
  • Waterside plants -- beneficial and harmful
  • Recipes, stories, and fascinating asides

About the Author

Beloved Storey author and life-long gardener Louise Riotte passed away in 1998 at the age of 89. She wrote 12 books on gardening, companion planting, and garden lore, among them the ever-popular Carrots Love Tomatoes, which has sold approximately 515,000 copies. Her father taught her to believe in and practice astrology, while her mother was a practicing herbalist. Together they inevitably influenced her life and her books, Roses Love Garlic, Astrological Gardening, Sleeping with a Sunflower, Catfish Ponds & Lily Pads, and her most recent book, Raising Animals by the Moon. Her own line drawings are included in all her books. Before authoring books, Riotte was a ghost writer for Simon & Schuster and for Jerry Baker's radio gardening show, and she wrote a number of articles for Organic Gardening as well. Riotte took pride in her garden near her home in Ardmore, Oklahoma, which her son Eugene helped care for in her later years.

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