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What to do and when to do it.

by Janet Macunovich

ISBN 0882669575
200 pages; 8.5" x 11"; Line drawings; Color section; Paperback.

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Part one of this book is organized by seasons and follows the maintenance schedule of a botanical garden near the author's home in Michigan. Macunovich explains how various operations fit together and how plants look and react after being treated in particular ways. She interviewed horticulturists at almost two dozen botanical gardens, gathering information on doing preventative maintenance in early spring; mulching, dividing, and moving plants in midspring; staking them in late spring; and deadheading in midsummer. There is also advice on cutting back and removing plants and planting bulbs in midautumn, and on composting in late autumn. Chapters on pruning, edging, weeding, watering, fertilizing, and pest control are followed by part two, which contains a list of 130 perennials with instructions on care. Also included are line drawings and a 24-page section of color photographs.

About the Author

Author of several books on gardening, including Easy Landscape Design, Easy Garden Design, and the all-time favorite, Caring for Perennials, Janet Macunovich owns a landscape and design company called Perennial Favorites. A garden designer and lecturer, she also teaches classes in garden design and maintenance techniques in Michigan, where she lives and has been called "the lady with the flower house, the one with no lawn."

Janet has taught at Cranbrook House and Garden Auxiliary, Detroit Garden Center, Perennial Plant Association, and Matthaei Botanical Gardens. She has been a featured presenter of such workshops as "One-Hour Month Gardening" for over 18 years, averaging 1,000 students per year. Janet's weekly gardening column appears in the Detroit News and she also shares her knowledge through radio programs in the Michigan area on a regular basis.

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