Butterfly Gardens

Butterfly Gardens - Gardening Book

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Butterfly Gardens
Luring Nature’s Loveliest Pollinators to Your Yard

Edited by The Brooklyn Botanic Garden

ISBN 0-945352-88-3
6 x 9; full-color photographs, b&w illustrations, charts, softcover

Detailed, practical information on dozens of butterflies—all spectacularly illustrated in color—plus an encyclopedia of the best plants for attracting these beautiful pollinators to your garden.

Table of Contents:

  • Garden "Pubs" for Butterflies, by Alcinda Lewis
  • Butterfly Biology for Gardeners, by Alcinda Lewis
  • Designing Gardens for Butterflies, by Alice Yarborough
  • Encyclopedia of Butterflies
  • Encyclopedia of Butterfly Plants
  • Common Butterflies by Region
  • Recommended Butterfly Plants by Region
  • Resources
  • Contributors
  • Hardiness Zone Map

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