Building Stone Walls

Building Stone Walls - Gardening Book

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Building Stone Walls

ISBN 1-58017-406-X
108 pages; 9" x 6"; b&w illustrations and photos; Softcover.
Author: John Vivian

Includes equipment requirements, instructions for creating wall foundations, coping with drainage problems, and hints for incorporating gates, fences, and stiles. Carefully detailed, clear drawings show the techniques to follow and how to avoid problems.

Learn about:

  • Wall foundations
  • Basic 'one-over-two' method
  • Chinking 'in' or 'out'
  • Height-to-width formulas
  • Using lower quality stone
  • Building retaining walls
  • Building in gates, fences and stiles
  • Moving stone and boulders

Table of Contents

  • Introduc tion
  • Kinds of Stone
  • Equipment
  • Laying Out the Wall
  • Above Ground Building
  • Ends & Corners
  • Using Not-So-Good Stone
  • Drainage
  • Special Walls
  • Wall Furniture
  • Quarrying
  • Mortar
  • Maintenance
  • Some Other Uses of Stone
  • The Story of a Wall

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