Book and Bird Feeder: The Bird Book and Feeder

Book and Bird Feeder: The Bird Book and Feeder - Gardening Book

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The Bird Book and Feeder

by Neil Dawe and Karen Dawe

For ages 5-12
ISBN: 0894806149
64 page book, full color illustrations throughout, paperback.
plus sturdy, clear plastic bird feeder.

Perfect for any beginning bird watcher, here is an illustrated field guide to 30 common North American backyard bird species, nestled in its own plastic bird feeder. Featuring everything from Jays to Juncos to Song Sparrows to Chickadees, the book also explains how to set up the feeder, what kinds of food to serve when, and how to keep unwelcome guests away. It tells why hummingbirds hum and who wins the prize as the worst mother (the Cowbird, who lays its eggs in another birds nest!). Plus, learn all about migration, nesting, and the fun of keeping a bird journal.

The see-through plastic feeder comes with two suction cups, and can attach to the window, sit on the sill, or hang from a tree. Use it and learn from it all year long. Suitable for ages 5-12. Selection of the Children's Book-of-the-Month Club. 957,000 copies in print.

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