Step-by-Step Lawns, Ground Covers and Vines

Step-by-Step Lawns, Ground Covers and Vines - Gardening Book

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Step-by-Step Lawns, Groundcovers and Vines
Better Homes and Gardens

Full-color photographs and illustrations throughout
192 pages; 9 3/4 x 9 1/4; Paperback
ISBN 0696206544

Whether they serve as lush backdrops or as spectacular displays in their own right, lawns, groundcovers, and vines add elegant beauty to your landscape. This easy-to-use, step-by-step volume explains how to cultivate, maintain, and propagate these versatile plants to create a garden of delight year after year.


  • More than 90 step-by-step color photographs, plus eye-catching overall garden photographs

  • Garden plans and delightful watercolor designs, with complete planting diagrams and plant lists

  • A chapter on design tips to help you incorporate lawns, groundcovers, and vines in a wide range of landscapes

  • Timesaving and troubleshooting hints on planting and maintenance

  • An encyclopedia of 130 lawns, groundcovers, and vines
  • Resources for plants, plus a comprehensive index

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