Be Your Own Home Decorator

Be Your Own Home Decorator - Gardening Book

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Be Your Own Home Decorator
Creating the look you love without spending a fortune

by Pauline B. Guntlow

ISBN 0-88266-945-1
144 pages; 9 1/4" x 10"; Paperback.

Dazzling home makeovers are a breeze using the clever techniques in this budget-conscious home-decorating handbook!

Now it's easy to create an environment that truly reflects your personal style, regardless of your decorating experience or budget. From fashioning no-stitch window treatments to making a new piece of furniture out of two old pieces to giving worn kitchen cabinets a fresh stylish look, this inspiring guide proves that it doesn't have to be difficult or expensive to decorate with charm and taste.

Presented with an infectious "can-do" attitude and clear instructions, Be Your Own Home Decorator tells how to:

  • Select a look and carry it throughout your home
  • Customize kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, and baths
  • Maximize storage and enhance the usefulness of existing space
  • Use moldings, prints, and window treatments for visual appeal
  • Transform secondhand furnishings into customized pieces
  • Combine colors and textures to create a distinctive look
  • Refinish floors, install tiling, and do basic renovations yourself

The techniques in Be Your Own Home Decorator can be adapted to virtually any theme or style, offering unique possibilities for beautifying every corner of every room. This is one book that quickly pays for itself, whether your home needs a massive overhaul or just a "quick-fix" solution for a problem area.

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