Stokes Beginner's Guide to Birdfeeding

Stokes Beginner's Guide to Birdfeeding - Gardening Book

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Stokes Beginner's Guide to Birdfeeding

by by Donald & Lillian Stokes

ISBN: 0316818119
Dimensions (in inches): 0.28 x 4.55 x 7.01; 144 pages and 150 4/c photos, 75 2/c maps.

Whether you are just starting out or you are already one of the 60 million enthusiasts who feed and watch birds in their backyards, this easy-to-use guide will tell you all you need to know for complete bird feeding success. The stokes Beginner's Guide to Bird Feeding is factually, visually, and organizationally superior to any other beginner's guide. Special features include:

  • Complete and up-to-date information on birdseeds, birdseed mixes, suet, and new types of bird food
  • What kind of feeder to use for each type of birdseed, and what kinds of birds they will attract
  • User-friendly color tab index for quick reference
  • How to outsmart squirrels with the latest feeders and techniques
  • Brilliant, full-color photos of feeder birds, along with identification clues, feeder behavior, and tips on attracting
  • Handy chart showing birds' seed preferences
  • Special problem-solving section full of useful hints
  • Tips on creating a bird-freindly landscape in your backyard

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