Basic Gardening, Illustrated

Basic Gardening, Illustrated - Gardening Book

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Basic Gardening, Illustrated

by Carol Moholt, Janet Sanchez, Sunset Books Editors

192 pages; softcover; Dimensions (in inches): 8 1/4 x 10 3/4

There's really no mystery to creating a satisfying garden. As is true for other endeavors, success in gardening involves understanding some basic principles. In the first part of this book, you'll find complete information and step-by-step guidance on everything from soil preparation and watering to pruning, propagation, and pest control. In the second section, a 'Primer of Garden Plants,' you'll find information on choosing and caring for a wide variety of plants: trees, shrubs, lawns, ground covers, vines, flowering perennials and annuals, and all sorts of delicious edibles.

Let this book make gardening a rewarding, enjoyable, and satisfying part of your life, a hobby that will bring you joy well beyond the effort involved.

This complete visual guide for all your gardening projects features:

  • All the essential gardening techniques explained and illustrated
  • Plants for all climates and conditions. Includes problem-solving methods
  • Plant lists and growing information for special-interest gardening--vegetables, roses, fruit trees, herbs and more.

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