Gardener to Gardener Almanac & Pest-Control Primer

Gardener to Gardener Almanac & Pest-Control Primer - Gardening Book

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Gardener to Gardener Almanac & Pest-Control Primer

Vickie Mattern & Fern Marshall Bradley, Editors

ISBN 0-87596-862-7
246 pages, 7 1/2 x 9 1/4, one-color illustrations, paperback.

Gardener to Gardener Almanac & Pest-Control Primer is a unique combination of month-by-month garden journal, an almanac, and a garden hints book in one.

In Organic Gardening magazine, the popular “Gardener to Gardener” column is a forum for gardeners across the country to reveal their most ingenious ideas to one another. Now, this unique format is combined with the best of a practical record-keeping tool and a garden almanac, offering readers a gardening book unlike any other on the market.

The focus of Gardener to Gardener is on natural, organic pest control—the most common problem among gardeners. Each month, readers are given specific projects and activities, which are complimented by garden-tested advice from both the readers and writers of Organic Gardening magazine. Journal pages allow gardeners to chart the progress of their developing gardens. Every region of the country is addressed, and readers are given fully-illustrated, what-to-do instructions for their particular region.

From the Back Cover

Month by month the Gardener to Gardener Almanac & Pest-Control Primer is a trusted gardening friend that will help you plan, plant and enjoy your garden It's filled with the best ideas, nifty gadgets, and secret shortcuts from the editors and readers of Organic Gardening Magazine. In Gardener to Gardener, you'll find:

  • Monthly zone-by-zone lists of gardening tasks for lawns, landscapes, flower gardens, and food gardens
  • How-to instructions and illustrations for essential gardening tasks — composting, planting, pruning, harvesting, tool care, and garden cleanup
  • Journal pages for your personal garden notes
  • Special record-keeping pages, including a seed inventory and a pantry record
  • Secrets of professional pest spotters, a problem-solving table for the least-wanted garden pests, 14 ways to negate slugs, a compendium of organic pest control techniques, and more

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