Accent Your Garden

Accent Your Garden - Gardening Book

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Accent your Garden

Softcover, 8-1/2 x 11 in., 176 pages, with color photos and drawings

ISBN 1-56158-556-4

Using landscape features to reflect your own sense of style

When we think of gardens, we typically think of plants. But it's often architectural elements like walls, fences, paths, and arbors that anchor a garden, giving it structure.

Special accents like trellises, water features, statuary and furniture add the finishing touches to a garden, much like jewelry on a favorite dress.

Accent your Garden is written by some of the most respected names in the gardening world. Experts like Gordon Haywood and Sydney Eddison explore the role of garden features in design, include construction projects, and present a gallery of creative ideas for decorating any garden.

Discover how to:

  • build an arbor or trellis
  • design and choose materials for pathways
  • create a garden fountain
  • grow climbing plants over structures
  • use fences and walls in the garden
  • include art in the landscape

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