A Book of Bees

A Book of Bees - Gardening Book

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A Book of Bees

by Sue Hubbell

ISBN: 0-395-88324-5
192 pages; 5 1/2 x 8 1/4; Paperback.
B & W Illustrations

This book is, like its author, a unique achievement. Weaving a portrait of her own life and her bees’ lives through the seasons, Hubbell has written a vivid dual portrait of the importance of accommodating oneself to nature as well as a fascinating and often funny look at the busy lives of bees.


From Kirkus Reviews
"a melodious mix of memoir, nature journal, and beekeeping manual"

From The New York Times
"The real masterwork that Sue Hubbell has created is her life."

From The Philadelphia Inquirer
"about bees to be sure, but also about other things: the important differences between loneliness and solitude. . . the accommodating of oneself to nature"

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