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Taylor's Window Boxes - Gardening Book

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Taylor's Weekend Gardening Guides
Window Boxes

by Tovah Martin

ISBN: 0395813719
Full-Color Photographs Throughout
122 Pages, Paperback.

Nothing puts a prettier face on a house than a window box -- and no form of gardening is so accessible to beginner and expert alike, to suburban homeowner and apartment dweller. Even to those who don't have an appropriate window, for window boxes can flourish on balconies, stairways, even on the ground.

In this beautiful but highly practical book, author Tovah Martin gives you all the information you need to select the right container, fill it, and keep it looking fresh and handsome all season long. A gallery of plants that goes beyond the typical red geraniums, blue lobelia, and white alyssum will inspire you to try this delightful form of gardening.

Introduction 1
Ch. 1 - Choosing the Location 9
Ch. 2 - Selecting Containers 19
Ch. 3 - Selecting the Plants 27
Ch. 4 - Planting Your Window Box 39
Ch. 5 - Window-Box Upkeep 51
Ch. 6 - Ideas for Window Boxes 65
Ch. 7 - A Gallery of Plants 83
Hardiness Zone Map 115
Photo Credits 116
Index 117

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