The Well-Decorated Garden

The Well-Decorated Garden - Gardening Book

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The Well-Decorated Garden
Making Outdoor Ornaments and Accents.

by Laura Dover Doran

ISBN 1579901069
128 pages; 10.28" x 8.71"; Full Color Photographs Throughout; Hardcover.

Ready to replace those flamingoes, elves, and ducks with spinning wings with even more appealing ornaments and accents? Doran has assembled 55 easy projects for sprucing up your outdoor 'rooms' - no prior skills required. Make a rustic bench for that private corner, or paint a dining table and chairs in spirit-brightening colors. Choose from wind chimes and fountains, garden markers, painted pots and bronzed planters, torches and votives. Plus hospitable wildlife-friendly projects: a butterfly house, a ladybug home, and houses, baths, and feeders for birds.

The Well-Decorated Garden is a do-it-yourself guide to making gewgaws for your garden. It's an ideal book for the gardener who has finished all the basic work and now wants to put some flourishes in place, signatures of the self in the blooming landscape. The Well-Decorated Garden takes readers step by step through various projects: building a "faux granite garden planter," pebble-covered flowerpots, butterfly boxes, tile plant markers, ladybug cottages. Highlights include a "sign bird feeder," made out of road signs and license plates, and a variety of elaborate outdoor torches. Projects range from simple, hour-long endeavors (a wire candle holder) to major construction projects that might take all summer to finish (a locust log arbor, for instance). The author draws on ideas from a variety of designers, with a wide range of styles and tastes. The Well-Decorated Garden is a good resource for the highly committed and resourceful gardener, the proud artiste who wants guests to "ooh" and "aah" as they discover the landscape's various handmade charms.

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