Water Gardening Basics

Water Gardening Basics - Gardening Book

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Water Gardening Basics

by Helen M. Nash & Marilyn M. Cook

ISBN: 0806955759
Paperback: 128 pages; 9.9 x 8.4 inches; Softcover

This how-to guide to building a water garden or fish pond contains all the basic information on construction and maintenance. The authors begin with chapters on planning and designing and on excavation and installation. Advice on pond chemistry (chlorine and chloramine, oxygen and carbon dioxide) follows, as do instructions on planting the garden. There's a list of commonly available water lilies and aquatic plants and detailed directions on selecting and caring for fish. Other chapters focus on dealing with pumps and filters and on solving problems created by algae, aquatic insects, predators, and falling leaves. In an appendix, the authors discuss ideas for above-ground ponds, container gardens, statues, sculptures, gazebos, and bridges. Almost every page contains color photographs.

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