Ultimate Rose

Ultimate Rose - Gardening Book

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Ultimate Rose

ISBN: 0789452065
160 pages, 9.09 x 11.25 in
Full-color photographs

The American Rose Society's
guide to the most beloved flower

Roses are the floral embodiment of grace and romance. They express the love that occurs in many forms and between many types of people: lovers, friends, spouses, children, and parents. The many types of rose are as varied as the thoughts and feelings they convey. Ultimate Rose provides insight into all that roses are, both beautiful plants and legendary symbols.

The Rose Spectrum: Created by the American Rose Society, the international registrar for the world's favorite flower, Ultimate Rose contains more than 400 photographs, featuring a wide variety of forms and colors. It provides a way for newcomers to understand how rose classes have emerged and evolved to create new ones. More than 60 two-page spreads feature introductory text and several examples of each class, and every flower is accompanied by insightful text on its unique characteristics or unusual origins.

Complete Coverage: This gorgeous guide to every rose class is introduced by a general overview of rose history, explaining where roses came from and why they are so popular. The book closes with a concise section covering basic techniques for growing roses, as well as examples of arranging and drying roses, so that everyone can enhance their world by bringing more roses into it. Whether a long-standing fan of roses or a newcomer to the gardening world, Ultimate Rose appeals to any lover of elegance, color, and beauty. It provides the ultimate sense of the ultimate flower.

The blooms depicted in the Ultimate Rose...are so vivid, you can almost smell them. Really. Buy this books for its looks, then enjoy its content.—New Orleans Times-Picayune

Photos so rich you can almost smell them.—homestore.com

Engaging information and full-scale photographs.—Better Homes and Gardens: Garden Deck and Landscape Planner

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