The Pleasures of Staying in Touch

The Pleasures of Staying in Touch - Gardening Book

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The Pleasures of Staying in Touch

Jennifer Williams

192 pages, Hardcover

Send a letter, give a gift. Finding a letter amid catalogs, impersonal flyers, and bills is like getting an unexpected present -- created just for the recipient. The Pleasures of Staying in Touch gives excellent, reassuring advice, helping the reader to get started. Whether the occasion calls for an invitation, a thank-you, a note of congratulations, or a letter of condolence, this book shows the way. Examples of memorable and appropriate letters for every situation are included, providing both help and inspiration.

In a society accustomed to telephones, faxes, and e-mail, there is an antidote: a handwritten letter. While store-bought and preprinted cards can be personal to a degree, handwritten words to a family member or friend are true treasures. One can read and reread these thoughts and reflect on them whenever one likes. Many letters can bring one back to a particular time, a particular moment, a happy recollection.

What The Pleasures of Staying in Touch conveys is that the important part of a letter is that it comes from the heart. No matter what one's writing skills, a sincere expression of love, sympathy, or simply a sharing of thoughts is a lifetime keepsake.

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