Projects for the Small Garden

Projects for the Small Garden - Gardening Book

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Rodale's Successful Organic Gardening


160 pages, full-color photographs, full-color illustrations

A Gardener's Guide to Growing and Using Perennials

Tough, adaptable perennials are invaluable for adding color to the landscape all season long. Whether your yard is sunny or shady, wet or dry, this book will show you how to brighten it up with these dependable, beautiful plants.

You'll learn how to identify the conditions you have available and how to choose perennials that will thrive for you. Topics like 'Planning a Perennial Garden' and ' Garden Styles' give you the ideas and information you need to create a beautiful garden that is tailor-made for your yard.

This book also covers all aspects of planting and maintaining perennials, from soil preparation and composting to preventing and controlling pests and diseases organically. The 'Plant by Plant Guide' gives specific growing tips for many flowering and foliage perennials.

Loaded with hundreds of color photographs, illustrations, and diagrams, you'll enjoy referring to this book again and again for the inspiration and information you need to grow a great-looking garden.

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