Rock Garden Plants

Rock Garden Plants - Gardening Book

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Eyewitness Garden Handbooks:
Rock Garden Plants

IBSN: 0789414554
192 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.75 x 8.50 x 5.75; paperback

A photographic guide to more than 450 rock garden plans by type, size, season of interest, and color.

Packed with more than 500 photographs of over 450 plants, Rock Garden Plants is an inspiring handbook to help you identify, choose and grow your favorite varieties. Discover at a glance the full range of rock garden plants available. Each entry combines a plant portrait with a concise botanical description, plus cultivation and propagation details. Helpful symbols indicate preferred growing conditions and cold hardiness. If you want a specific leaf or flower color in a particular season, the Plant Catalog will offer you the perfect specimen.

All the essential considerations, such as selecting a rock garden plant, preparing the ground, watering, mulching, feeding, weeding, pest control, and transplanting, are clearly explained. Pruning details are included for both deciduous and evergreen plants. Propagation methods, from sowing seeds to rooting hardwood cuttings, are also given. Whether you are planting a new garden or seeking new features of interest for an established one, Rock Garden Plants is your indispensable, portable gardening companion.

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A lavishly illustrated flexibound, Eyewitness Garden Handbooks are the user-friendly guides that identify every type of garden plant with up to ten salient features, at-a-glance information on height, spread, and color, and useful cultivation symbols. There are also separate sections on gardening skills and a complete index of common names.

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