Really Small Gardens

Really Small Gardens - Gardening Book

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Really Small Gardens

by Jill Billington

192 pages; dimesions 0.91 x 8.72 x 10.11; Hardcover.

"In a small garden," observes designer Jill Billington, "everything counts. Meticulous planning is essential." In Really Small Gardens, she walks the reader through all the important steps: determining needs and priorities; selecting plants and materials that make the most of limited space; devising ways of making the garden seem more spacious; and creating a distinctive style to help unify the space and evoke atmosphere. A handy directory pictures and describes 150 of the best plants for restricted spaces, and a design section presents 12 original garden plans and abundant planting schemes for a variety of situations. Enhanced with 325 superb color photos and illustrations as well as ideas for every imaginable type of space and condition, Really Small Gardens is a pleasure to peruse and an invaluable source of inspiration and good sense.

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