Origami & Papercraft

Origami & Papercraft - Gardening Book

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by Paul Jackson

ISBN 0754801179
127 pages; Hardcover

A flat piece of paper is one of the most readily available art materials, and perhaps at first one of the least promising, but with this book you can transform this functional material into wonderful shapes and animals, superb stationery, decorations and crafts.

This book shows you how to master origami and paper designs which range from simple to intricate. Origami projects include stunningly simple modular and folded creations as well as more complex multiform and articulated three-dimensional models. The papercraft section is packed with ideas to make stylish gift tags and decorations, classical cards and stationery holders, a dancing clown, paper flowers and a decoupage wastepaper basket.

With 60 projects in total, this book offers a wealth of ideas on paper creations for all levels, showing how to make delightful origami animals, fantastic gifts, unusual greetings cards, great gift wrappings, and beautiful decorative objects.

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