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Organic Cookbook:
Naturally Good Food

by Renee J. Elliott, Eric Treuille

ISBN: 0789471922

144 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.5 x 9 x 8

Reawaken your tastebuds with the flavors and textures of the natural and nutritious ingredients used in the Organic Cookbook's delicious, satisfying recipes.

Shop With Care:
Delicious, nutrient packed meals result from the use of natural ingredients at their absolute seasonal best. To guide you through seasonal shopping, Organic Cookbook's comprehensive, at a glance fruit and vegetable calendar shows you the best time of the year to buy food at its freshest and most nutritious. In addition to this advice on what to look for in fresh produce and how to buy what is best on the day, Renee Elliot and Eric Treuille offer invaluable advice on effective storing methods to seal in the natural goodness inherent in organic produce.

Eat with Pleasure:
With simple meals that require minimal effort and are easy to prepare, the recipes in this collection ensure that every ingredient counts the aim is always to enhance, not disguise. Each recipe combines fresh ingredients to bring out the essential aromas, flavors, and nutrients to produce fresh tasting, delicious meals every time. From flavorful soups for every season of the year, such as Potato and Parsley Soup or Ginger Squash Soup, to enticing desserts such as Upside Down Red Plum Caramel Cake or Chocolate Truffle Tart, Organic Cookbook provides you with simple organic options for every meal of the day.

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