The New Vegan Cookbook

The New Vegan Cookbook - Gardening Book

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The New Vegan Cookbook
Innovative Vegetarian Recipes Free of Dairy, Eggs, and Cholesterol

by Janet Kessel Fletcher; John Vaughan

ISBN: 811827607
Dimensions (in inches): 8 x 8.75; Paperback

Acclaimed author Lorna Sass, creator of the hit New Soy Cookbook, once again displays her talent for combining good health with great taste. With a little flair and an abundance of whole grains, beans, fresh fruits and vegetables, and herbs and spices, it's easy to create the exciting recipes presented in The New Vegan Cookbook. Satisfying and cholesterol-free, even kosher cooks will find they can slip these cooking ideas into almost any type of menu. Striking color photographs illustrate the wide variety of tasty choices available for budding vegans or those already versed looking for new options. From savory Mediterranean Red Lentil Paté to sweet, creamy Chocolate Rice Pudding, The New Vegan Cookbook offers recipes guaranteed to entice any palate.

About the Author
Lorna Sass has written other books such as, Cooking Under Pressure. She lives in New York and writes for the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, Food & Wine, Eating Well, Cook's Illustrated, Vegetarian Times, and Natural Health.

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