Living Organic

Living Organic - Gardening Book

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Living Organic (Used Book)
Easy Steps to an Organic Lifestyle

by Adrienne Clarke, Helen Porter, Helen Quested, Patricia Thomas

ISBN 1570716803
264 pages, Softcover.

As environmental concerns increase, the low-toxicity lifestyle is an essential—and popular—choice for our future. Living Organic is a comprehensive and highly practical introductory guide to living a healthy organic life. It provides clear, sensible advice on the chemicals we are exposed to in our everyday surroundings, and explains how to avoid them.

A step-by-step guide to practical, non-toxic alternatives, this book discusses the food we eat, the cleaning products and fabrics we use in our homes, the chemicals we use in our gardens and how we can maintain the well-being of our family. With useful hints, a resource list and recipes for homemade products, Living Organic is practical and essential for both the urbanite and the rural householder.

About the Authors

Journalist Adrienne Clarke writes for Healthy Eating and Natural Product News.

Helen Porter lectures and runs workshops on organic gardening, using herbs and nutrition. She writes for The Kitchen Garden.

Helen Quested is a freelance journalist specializing in food and environmental issues. She writes for Healthy Eating and other publications in the United Kingdom.

Patricia Thomas is the author of several highly acclaimed books on pregnancy, birth and alternative medicine, including Alternative Therapies for Pregnancy & Birth. She is a contributing editor for Natural Parent Magazine.

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