Landscape with Roses

Landscape with Roses - Gardening Book

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Landscape with Roses

by Jeff Cox

Softcover, 9-1/2 x 10 in., 208 pages, with color photos and drawings.

Gardens, walkways, arbors, containers

If you want roses to be "the star of the show," the book you've been waiting for is here. HGTV series host Jeff Cox and master photographer Jerry Pavia present the first book of its kind to combine practical landscape advice with design inspiration.

In Landscaping with Roses you learn how to use the world's most versatile flower to produce dazzling effects in virtually every kind of landscape. Filled with practical design advice, this inspirational guide also includes complete information on planting and caring for roses in every zone and region. Cox also provides you with a complete rose growing guide, offering invaluable information that you will turn to over and over again, including buying, growing, deadheading and more.

Discover the myriad practical ways roses of all types can be successfully and creatively incorporated into your home landscape, including:

  • foundation plantings
  • flanking pathways
  • draping windows
  • alternative ground covers
  • desks, porches, and patios
  • trellises, arbors, gazebos, fences

Table of Contents


PART 1: Roses for Any Setting
Designing with Roses
The Diversity of Roses
Roses around the House
Roses in Mixed Plantings
Roses throughout the Landscape
Roses on Structures

PART 2: Planting and Caring for Roses
Buying Roses
Growing Healthy Roses
Planting Roses
Pruning Roses
Rose Pests and Diseases

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