Rodale's Landscape Problem Solver

Rodale's Landscape Problem Solver - Gardening Book

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Rodale's Landscape Problem Solver
A Plant-by-Plant Guide

by Jeff and Liz Ball

437 pages
line drawings, softcover.

Over 500 Landscape Problems Solved!

With Rodale's Landscape Problem Solver, you can turn your yard into a lush landscape full of healthy, beautiful plants. Solve theses problems and hundreds more in seconds!

  • The blossoms on your rose bushes aren't opening.
  • Yellow spots are showing up on the leaves of your dogwoods.
  • The branches of your lilacs are drooping , even though you've watered them carefully.

Learn safe and effective ways of controlling the insects, pests, animal pests and diseases that attack your landscape plants. And find out how to keep these pests and diseases out of the yard in the first place. Trees, shrubs, groundcovers, vines, foliage plants and lawns -- they're all here.

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