Creating a Hummingbird Garden

Creating a Hummingbird Garden - Gardening Book

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Creating a Hummingbird Garden
A Guide to Attracting and Identifying Hummingbird Visitors.

by Marcus H. Schneck

ISBN 0671892452
80 pages; 5 1/2" x 5 1/2"; Full Color Illustrations and photos; Paperback.

Turn your garden into a glorious haven for hummingbirds. Here are the basics on planning, planting, and maintaining a beautiful outdoor space that will lure these tiny creatures and give you hours of gardening pleasure. This charmingly illustrated volume provides a variety of garden plans, including essential information on hardiness zones, soil conditions, and sun and shade preferences, and is packed with facts on the lives and habits of hummingbirds. When your winged guests linger in your garden, you'll delight in consulting the hummingbird identifier in Creating a Hummingbird Garden. Here is everything you need to know to attract hummingbirds, from their favorite flowers to instructions for making hummingbird feeders.

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