The Ultimate Book of Herbs & Herb Gardening

The Ultimate Book of Herbs & Herb Gardening - Gardening Book

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Used: $12.95 The Ultimate Book of Herbs & Herb Gardening

by Jessica Houdret

ISBN 1859679102
256 pages, full-color photographs throughout.

Herbs have been regarded by different cultures, both ancient and modern, as a valuable aspect of daily life. Prized for their range of scents, medicinal properties, and remarkable seasoning qualities, herbs appeal to all of the senses. The Ultimate Book of Herbs and Herb Gardening explains the history of herbs, the beginning of the Western tradition of herb use, and theme gardens such as a Medieval Garden, Shakespeare Garden, and Potpourri Herb Garden. All of these are described with detailed planting plans and plant lists so that the reader can create an aesthetically pleasing style of herb garden. This beautiful volume offers invaluable information on how to choose herbs to suit a particular location as well as practical advice on garden layouts and creating decorative features. Step-by-step features and a botanical A-Z directory include over 250 individually photographed herbs, each of which is complemented with a detailed description, habitat information, cultivation and cooking advice, fragrance tips, and specific medicinal properties.

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