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Herbs (Country Cupboard)
Imaginative Tips & Sensible Advice for Cooking, Growing and Enjoying

by Pat Ross

ISBN 1-58663-244-2
72 pages, 8 x 8
full-color photographs

As every cook knows, there is no better way to capture the scents and flavors of the country than with herbs. But the benefits and pleasures of herbs do not stop there. Fresh herbs can also be used for healing aids, decorating, and fabulous personal gifts. Filled with herbal lore and enhanced with lush, delicate watercolors on every page, this charming collection of gardening tips, recipes, craft and gift ideas, and herbal remedies is a veritable potpourri of herbal enlightenment. Whether your interests lie in stirring up a pot of herbed carrot soup to soothe your hunger, brewing up a kettle of rosemary tea to relieve sinus congestion and combat dandruff, making beautiful and aromatic wreaths or sachets to adorn your home, or pampering yourself or others with facial masks or soothing herbal bath oils, you can spice up your life—and your home—with the ideas in these pages.

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