The Herb Identifier

The Herb Identifier - Gardening Book

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The Herb Identifier

Author: Andi Clevely
120 pages, 7 x 9; full-color photographs throughout
Trade paperback

This wonderful volume provides gardening enthusiasts with: an up-to-date guide to a multitude of popular herbs; detailed instructions on how to cultivate each herb; and informative suggestions on a variety of herb uses. Many of these herbs can be easily grown indoors in containers ranging from small pots to larger gardens.

The Herb Identifier is divided into two sections: "Growing Herbs" and "A-Z of Herbs". The first segment explicates both traditional and modern techniques used to create a rewarding and successful herb garden at home. The second segment is a botanical encyclopedia of herbs that details over 150 common and more obscure varieties of plant. This invaluable guidebook also includes growing tips and essential information on the medicinal, culinary, and scented properties of herbs.

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