Making Herbal Dream Pillows

Making Herbal Dream Pillows - Gardening Book

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Herbal Treasures
Inspiring Month-by-Month Projects for Gardening, Cooking, and Crafts

by Jim Long

ISBN 0-88266-618-5
320 pages; 8 1/2" x 11"; Paperback.

More than 204,000 copies sold!

Herbs are treasures indeed! The rich world of herbs blooms with exciting possibilities, and in Herbal Treasures that world is lovingly and thoroughly explored by author Phyllis Shaudys and many of her colleagues actively involved with herbs.

-- For the gardener, Shaudys gives advice on how to make the most of the heady aromas, unique design potential, and ease of care that make herbs the almost perfect garden plant.

-- For the cook, she shows how subtle and pungent, healthful herbs transform ordinary food into gourmet fare.

-- For the craftsperson, the author shares an array of alluring projects, from dainty, sweet-smelling sachets and baskets for the bed and bath, to lavish swags and wreaths to adorn a welcoming entryway.

As in Shaudys's highly acclaimed book, The Pleasure of Herbs, each chapter presents a variety of projects keyed to a different month, so that one can follow the book through the year to find inspiring ideas for gardens, kitchens, decorating, and gifts appropriate to the season.

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