Herbal Home Hints

Herbal Home Hints - Gardening Book

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Herbal Home Hints

by Louise Gruenberg

156 pages, two-tone illustrations, softcover

From polishing furniture with lemon balm to repelling moths with tansy sachets, this guide offers natural, herbal solutions for dozens of common household cleaning, laundering, and decorating dilemmas. It begins with an illustrated list of essential cleaning herbs covering everything from the qualities and useable parts of each herb to the herbal household formulas you can create. It moves on to a detailed gardening section with information on planting and cultivating herbs. Then, learn the basic methods, essential nonherbal ingredients, standard equipment, and essential oils needed to make your own cleaning products. A resource list of herbal product suppliers and a fabulous room-by-room herbal cleaning solutions chart make this a practical and environment-friendly resource.

About the Author
Louise Gruenberg, a member of the American Herbalists Guild and the American Herb Association, is the author of Potpourri: The Art of Fragrance Crafting (Frontier Cooperative Herbs) and many articles for The Herb Companion She lives n Oak Park, Illinois.

About this Author