Heirloom Flowers

Heirloom Flowers - Gardening Book

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Heirloom Flowers
Vintage Flowers for Modern Gardens

ISBN: 0684854600
188 pages; color photographs
Author: Tovah Martin

Discover the Colorful, Fragrant World of Heirloom Flowers

Heirloom flowers, with their exquisite colors and scents, graceful forms and hardy constitutions, are often easier to grow and more fragrant than modern varieties. Sweet William and Black-Eyed Susan, Love-in-a-Mist and Love-in-a-Puff, Kiss-Me-Quick and Angel's Tears, Bells-of-Ireland and Lady's Eardrops: the names are as much a pleasure to the ear as the flowers are a pleasure to the eye. Growing an heirloom garden is an infinitely rewarding experience, providing an abundance of old-fashioned flowers to gather for fresh and dried bouquets and a haven for butterflies and hummingbirds. Each blossom is a beautiful reason to conserve and preserve diversity.

Heirloom Flowers profiles more than 100 of the most sought-after varieties, both cultivated and wild, providing their specific qualities, growing conditions, cultivation tips, and historical and cultural information. The comprehensive resource section gives lists of seed suppliers, seed-saving networks and organizations, historical societies, and gardens to visit.

Illustrated by stunning full-color photographs throughout, Heirloom Flowers is a beautiful reminder of our botanical heritage and an inspiration to gardeners everywhere.

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