Heart Songs for Animal Lovers

Heart Songs for Animal Lovers - Gardening Book

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Heart Songs for Animal Lovers

by Jack Hanna

ISBN 1579540430
227 pages, 7.3 x 5.4; Hardcover

"As a card-carrying Animal Lover I found 'Heart Songs' such a joy.
It is one of those books to keep close at hand
when you need warming."

---Betty White

Hester Mundis, Emmy-nominated writer, author, animal advocate, and humorist, has pulled together a collection of true stories that will change forever the way you think about the animal kingdom. From the border collie who would find her way into a class of special needs children and reach the hearts of all of them to the squirrel monkey who became "Mr.Mom" in a household of cats, these stories will affirm for even the most skeptical doubters that love is not an exclusively human emotion.

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