A Guide to Growing Amazing Annuals

A Guide to Growing Amazing Annuals - Gardening Book

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A Guide to Growing Amazing Annuals

by Richard Bird

96 pages; hardcover

There is nothing to better annuals, biennials and tender perennials for the welcome splash of color they bring to the garden, whether combined with other plants or displayed on their own. Even the smallest of courtyards or balconies can find room for lavish hanging baskets, window boxes and containers filled with annuals.

The first chapter in this book, Using Annuals, reveals just how versatile these plants can be, with suggestions for a range of different bedding schemes. For a more formal look, there are ideas for creating geometric patterns in parterres or carpet bedding schemes, with illustrated instructions for laying out the design. There are further ideas for growing annual climbers, together with examples of the best annuals for fragrance, cutting and drying. Annuals in Containers suggests plants that will thrive in a range of different containers, including ideas for beautiful hanging baskets.

Flowers and Foliage looks at varieties of annuals in detail, giving examples of successful combinations, from hot borders to pale, cool schemes.

Propagation and Planting provides step-by-step information on the essential techniques for growing annuals, including propagation, taking cuttings and preparing the ground for planting. A final section on Maintenance shows how to care for annuals, from watering and feeding to dealing with pests and diseases.

With its beautiful photographs and clear, practical advice, this book is the perfect reference guide, whether you are looking for different ways of using annuals in beds and borders, or simply wish to brighten up a dull corner with annual-filled containers.

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