The Garden Problem Solver

The Garden Problem Solver - Gardening Book

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The Garden Problem Solver

ISBN 0895779226
176 pages, 8 x 10 3/4
full-color photographs, b&w illustrations, sketches and diagrams
Author: Reader's Digest

A comprehensive guide to cultivating great gardens in any location.

- Guidelines for gardening in urban areas, on hilly terrain, on windswept sites, in coastal areas, in arid climates
- Tips on improving everything from soil in beds and borders to the contours of the landscape
- Ideas for enhancing difficult settings using hedges, retaining walls, and raised beds
- Lists of plants show at a glance which plants are good for shady spots, boggy sites, acid soil, or alkaline soil
- Detailed planting schemes and design plans for dozens of low-maintenance, eye catching gardens
- More than 200 full color photographs

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