Gardening With Conifers

Gardening With Conifers - Gardening Book

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Gardening With Conifers

by Adrian Bloom

ISBN 1-55209-633-5
208 pages, 9" x 10 3/4" x 5/8"; 250 full color photos; Paperback.

Gardening with Conifers reveals the unexpected magic that conifers can bring to every garden and the many roles they can play in creating structure and balance for year-round visual interest and color. Author Adrian Bloom describes 200 of his preferred conifers and offers expert advice on:

  • conifers and their origins
  • size and growth rates
  • site and soil preferences
  • planting, maintenance and propagation
  • pruning, pests and diseases
  • choosing the best conifers
  • creating year-round interest
  • dwarf conifers and ground covers
  • conifers in containers

With a list of gardens to visit worldwide, specialist suppliers, a bibliography and index, as well as superb photographs, Gardening with Conifers is a stunning reference for all gardeners.

About the author:

Adrian Bloom has 35 years of experience planting and maintaining a six-acre garden that includes 500 varieties of conifers. He designed many smaller gardens and has photographed collections in North America, Japan, New Zealand and Australia. He is an international television presenter and regularly appears on The Victory Garden, on WGBH Boston.

Richard Bloom specializes in digital studio photography. His pictures have been widely published, with dramatic, detailed close-ups his specialty.

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