Gardening Season by Season

Gardening Season by Season - Gardening Book

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Gardening Season by Season

by Peter Hoy

ISBN 0754807908
160 pages

Gardening is one of the most popular leisure activities, and with the aid of this book every gardener can now pursue their favorite pastime all the way through the year. Information is presented season by season so that the reader can see exactly when every essential task, as well as many creative projects should be planned and implemented. Divided into four main sections, one for each season, the book takes us right through the gardener's year. Essentially what is put into your garden in each season will affect what will be produced through the whole year. Each season catalogues tasks to be undertaken, with the help of a month by month plan. Each seasonal section also includes special projects to obtain the best results from your flower garden, kitchen garden, conservatory or greenhouse. Fully illustrated with meticulous step-by-step photography and wonderful inspirational pictures this is an essential reference for beginners and practiced enthusiasts alike.


Introduction 6
Spring 9
Early Spring 10
Mid Spring 28
Late Spring 42
Summer 53
Early Summer 54
Mid Summer 66
Late Summer 74
Autumn 85
Early Autumn 86
Mid Autumn 98
Late Autumn 116
Winter 129
Early Winter 130
Mid Winter 140
Late Winter 148
Suppliers 156
Index 158

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