Gardening in Containers

Gardening in Containers - Gardening Book

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Gardening in Containers

9-1/4 x 10-7/8 in., 192 pages, with color photos and drawings, paperback

Creative ideas for container plantings

Anyone can garden in a container, even those without a square-inch of earth to call their own. And if it can hold soil, it can hold plants—whether it's a terra-cotta pot, stone urn, window box, trough or kitchen pot.

Gardening in Containers is written by some of the most respected names in the gardening world. Experts like Sydney Eddison and Jane Hutson show you how you can grow great container plantings. You'll discover all sorts of containers, creative ideas for designing plantings, tips on soil preparation, watering and maintenance, and suggestions for suitable plants. This is a practical book, with creative ideas and projects that you can complete in an afternoon.

Discover how to:

  • design containers for year-round interest
  • create water gardens
  • care for plants in containers
  • include containers in larger gardens
  • select appropriate containers
  • grow roses, bulbs, and trees in containers

"You can expect authoritative advice on all aspects of container culture...there are displays subtle enough to inspire small-space gardeners, and extravagant arrangements more likely aimed at ambitious mavens yearning to produce opulent effects."
-- Alice Joyce, Booklist


Table of Contents


PART 1: Containers in the Garden
Pots Have a Place in the Garden
A Movable Garden
A Tiny Water Garden
A Penthouse Garden
The Art of Container Gardening
Potted Plantings in the Shade

PART 2: Designing Container Plantings
Creative Plant Combinations
Planting for All-Season Interest
Pair Plants for Eye-Catching Containers
Window Boxes to Suit the Season
Focus on Foliage for a Soothing Setting
Make Your Own Stepping Stones

PART 3: Selecting Containers
Lots of Pots
New Life for Old Housewares
A Hoop Trellis for Containers
Build a Classic Planter Box
Create an Elegant Hanging Basket

PART 4: Container Gardening Primer
Evaluating Potting Soil
Drip Irrigation Makes Watering a Cinch
A Simple Guide to Repotting Plants
Tending Tender Plants in Winter

PART 5: Great Container Plants
Summer-Flowering Bulbs
Grow Your Own Herb Standard
Potting a Japanese Maple
Growing Succulents Successfully
Growing Roses in Containers
Forcing Bulbs



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