Simon & Schuster's Complete Guide to Garden Flowers

Simon & Schuster's Complete Guide to Garden Flowers - Gardening Book

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Simon & Schuster's
Guide to Garden Flowers


160 pages, 7.5 x 4.6; full-color photographs

Aside from the pure pleasure of seeing the most exquisite flowers in the world in full color and reading about them, gardeners and flower lovers are here offered a history of flower gardens, gardening techniques, and suggestions on how to create and maintain a blooming garden. The entries for 369 species of garden flowers present full-color illustrations and detailed descriptions, and are arranged alphabetically by genus (with synonyms and common names as well). Full-color symbols illustrate the plant types and how they can best be used in the garden, and maps show the origin of the species and their natural distribution. This is one of the most stunning and informative books a gardener can own.

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